Wednesday, January 23, 2013


  • Label GMOs - Help ensure Californians have the right to know and choose what they buy to feed their families.
  • Yes On 522 - Official Washington State Label GMOs Campaign
  • Moms Across America March to Label GMOs at July 4th Parades on Main Streets USA everywhere! Yes M.A.A.M!
  • GMO Free Oregon is a group of volunteers across the state working to pass legislation that addresses the growing concerns related to genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Effort is underway right now on a statewide Right to Know GMO labeling initiative.
  • Food and Water Watch Washington is organizing Campaign Action Meetings in Washington to build a grassroots base to win the campaign to label GMO foods. They're calling the campaign "Let Me Decide". 
  •  GMOSeralini is to provide citizens, the media, and scientists with a one-stop resource for information about the research of Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini and colleagues on genetically modified foods and their associated pesticides.
  • The Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT) is a world leader in educating policy makers and the public about genetically modified (GM) foods and crops. They investigate and report their risks and impact on health, environment, the economy, and agriculture, as well as the problems associated with current research, regulation, corporate practices, and reporting. Tipping Point Forum
  • GMO Awareness Groups 
  • Gene Ethics is a non-profit educational network of citizens and kindred groups. We want the precautionary principle, scientific evidence and the law rigorously applied to all proposed uses of genetic manipulation (GM) technologies and their products. 
  • GMO Free Idaho is a local action group out of Boise, Idaho. We are dedicated to raising awareness about the presence of genetically modified organisms in our food supply and environment. 
  • Port Townsend Food Coop Blog 
  • Know GMO. ORG  is to promote the most effective videos about labeling GMO food, and to collect and present unscripted citizens expressing how they feel about genetically modified food. (Link List)
  • Dr. Arpad Pusztai is a world renowned expert on food safety, who worked at UK's leading food safety research lab, the Rowett institute. In August 1998, he said on British TV that he would not eat genetically engineered food because of the insufficient testing procedures they have undergone.
  • GMO Free Yahoo Group Link List 
  • Facebook GMO Hollywood 


Images (Posters)

GMO Free Idaho Facebook Images
Food and Water Watch Washington - Day Of Action Feb. 6, 2013

Media List

List Of Seattle 2013 Events

Northwest Women's Show (March)

Seattle VegFest (March)

NW Folklife (May)

Fremont Fair (June)

Bite Of Tacoma/Seattle (July)

SeaFair (August)

Bumbershoot (Aug/Sept)

Puyallup Fair (Sept)

BioTech Connections

Non-GMO Supporter Names

  • genetic science deniers (Forbes)
  • anti-genetically modified organism fear-and-panic bell (Forbes)
  • the scientifically unwashed (Forbes)
  • anti-technology advocacy (Forbes)
  • activists (Forbes)
  • an activist who has no formal training on the subject
  • oddball anti-GMO organization and website (Forbes)
  • notoriously anti-science (Forbes)
  • chattering classes  (Forbes)
  • anti-science “progressive” organizations and websites (Forbes)
  • anti-science crowd 
  • junk journalism (Forbes)
  • anti-technology hysteriacs  (Forbes)
  • brazenly anti-technology (Forbes)
  • anti-GMO academicians (Forbes)
  • anti-GMO fanatics (Forbes)
  • biotech activists (Forbes)
  • global warning deniers (Forbes)
  • anti-GMO conspiracy theorists (Forbes)
  • anti-technology herd (Forbes)
  • ad hominem slinging anti-reality 
  • GM critics
  • Anti-biotech activists are like zombies in a horror movie (Truth About Trade)
  • Advocacy groups
  • consumer advocates 
  • non-science alarmist arguments
  • extremists can be immune to facts

BioTech Talking Points

  • GMOs is a process that poses no known dangers to humans
  • wide but soft support for California Proposition 37 
  • National Academy of Sciences, the American Medical Association and most respectable science organizations support GMOs
  • Séralini fiasco -brazenly anti-technology French scientist appears to have cooked the research books to propagandize GMOs
  • GMOs are perfectly safe and nutritious
  • scare story 
  • scarey science
  • controversy 
  • Deceptive Labeling Scheme
  • Shakedown Lawsuits
  • Higher Grocery Bills 
  • We have complete confidence that our food crops are as safe and nutritious as the standard alternatives. 

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