Thursday, January 31, 2013

About KnowGMO, Jonathan Greenberg | Know GMO

About KnowGMO, Jonathan Greenberg | Know GMO founder Jonathan Greenberg talks about the effort.  Jonathan’s company, Progressive Source Communications, created as a tool for citizens to be the change they want to see by replacing deceptive corporate TV ads with authentic people-powered media.

Our goal is to promote the most effective videos about labeling GMO food, and to collect and present unscripted citizens expressing how they feel about genetically modified food.  Participants are encouraged to use their social networks to share videos, especially with friends and relatives who are apolitical, or do not share their beliefs.

We invite citizens to make their opinions heard by posting videos to the free website. We are collaborating with grassroots organizations like CA Right to Know, the Institute For Responsible Technology, California Grange Halls, and the Organic Consumers Association, to record videos at public events and markets.

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