Saturday, January 26, 2013

Letter: Say no to GMO (2008 Port Townsend Leader)

Letter: Say no to GMO - Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader 

Vote with your fork. Two-thirds of all the foods sold in the United States contain GMO [genetically modified] substances, and most consumers are not aware of it.

In last month's national election, our nation demanded change. I hope that will include a change from this government's policy on GMOs: You don't know, we won't tell. For more than a decade now, around the world, in Europe and Asia, hundreds of millions of consumers purchase food that is clearly labeled GM or not. But not here in the USA. Where is our voice? With change in the air, now is the time to make our voices heard.

Our local example of the power of community action, Citizens for Local Power, demonstrated the power of communities working for change. If we can control our power supply, we can control the food we choose to eat.

We can bring the same change for labeling of GMO food in our grocery stores. Take control of the food you eat. What can you do? Join other consumers in Port Townsend who are working to end unlabeled foods containing GMOs. Other possible actions might include telling your grocery store manager that you will stop shopping there until they clearly identify their GMO products. Say no to GMO.


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