Friday, January 25, 2013

Who’s afraid of GMOs? National Post (Propaganda)

Who’s afraid of GMOs? | Full Comment | National Post

So why are so many still fearful of this technology? One simple answer is junk science, and its carefully crafted use as a weapon of mass fear.

Jeremy Rifkin was the first junk dealer to make big money by scaring people about the potential dangers of genetic engineering. Rifkin is no scientist, but an economist and prolific story spinner...

Greenpeace and other special interest groups, such as Friends of the Earth and the U.K.’s Soil Association, have deployed their considerable media-manipulating machinery to spread more scare stories...

Recently, French scientist Gilles-Éric Séralini and his team published a peer-reviewed paper that claimed harm to test animals after they were fed GM corn for two years. Séralini boasted that his paper was the first long-term GM feeding trial. But Séralini, and later his disciples, failed to note the many other peer-reviewed, long-term GM feeding studies, including one in the journal in which his claims appeared, that concluded the opposite about the effect of GM food on animals: that such food was as safe, or safer, than regular non-GM food and feed.

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