Friday, February 1, 2013

AllAboutFeed - Russia: Compulsory registration of GMO products

Russia: Compulsory registration of GMO products

AllAboutFeed - Russia: Compulsory registration of GMO products

A bill to introduce compulsory registration of all products containing GM-components is in the final stages of adoption by the Russian parliament.
According to experts, it will strengthen the control over the circulation of genetically modified crops on the market, but at the same time will create a legal framework for cultivation, which will boost production. The initiative has already been welcomed by many authorities and experts.

"Already 10 varieties of genetically modified crops have passed certification in Russia. And these are only crops that have been in use for a long time abroad without any negative consequences for human health. I think that GM crops are already cultivated in Russia, but until now this area has not been under our control" - Nikolai Vlasov Deputy Head of Russian veterinary watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor report.

"State registration of GMO will bring this area out of the shadows. Currently the GMO market has no legal framework only in very conservative countries such as ours. All over the world they can reduce the cost of [meat] production using it as feed. And it's safe for health, " said the president of the Meat Board of Common Economic Space Musheg Mamikonian.

However, the initiative has not been received so well by all. Representatives of social organizations have criticized the initiative.

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