Friday, February 8, 2013

Canada catching on to blessings of biotech crops

Canada catching on to blessings of biotech crops | Government content from Western Farm Press

Agriculture is one of the great engines of the Canadian economy–and much of our success in recent years comes from advances in technology that allow us to grow more food on less land.

On our farm in Saskatchewan, we’ve grown GM canola for almost 10 years. There are obvious advantages for us on the farm, but this technology benefits all Canadians. Boosting our productivity keeps food prices down and helps protect the environment.

Anti-biotech activists seek to turn back the clock on this progress. They fail to see the science behind the benefits. They want warning labels to demonize ordinary products, reduce consumer confidence, and hurt an entire industry, even as food and health organizations around the world have endorsed the adoption of GM crops.

For me, the issue is personal. I have two young daughters, and we feed them what we grow on the farm. That includes food with GM ingredients. As a parent, I’m very comfortable feeding my children food produced from GM crops.  But I’m inundated with anti-biotech propaganda while shopping at the grocery store. I’m irritated by irrational labeling… like “GM Free” stickers on products that don’t even have a GM counterpart. Thanks for the “warning!” Parents have enough to worry about these days when feeding our families, we don’t need more unsubstantiated fear tactics.

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