Saturday, February 9, 2013

CT Coalition Calls for GMO Food Labels | Issues. People. Events.

CT Coalition Calls for GMO Food Labels | Issues. People. Events.

Supporters of the “Right to Know GMO CT” coalition gathered at the Legislative Office Building this morning to call on the Connecticut General Assembly to stand up for consumers’ right to know whether or not the food they eat and feed their families has been genetically engineered. Over the past year, the coalition has grown dramatically and in the past few weeks alone 109 businesses and organizations have joined the coalition, 180 residents have attended campaign action meetings, and grass roots leaders have scheduled over 20 GMO educational events around the state, for a listing of events, please see

 American consumers are in the dark about whether or not their food is genetically engineered (GE) or genetically modified (GMO). The vast majority of processed food in the U.S. contains GE or GMO ingredients, which are largely untested, unlabeled, and potentially unsafe. One of those most basic steps towards a transparent food system is to label GMO and GE foods.

“We have an opportunity to present our case for labeling so we may empower our Connecticut economy as informed citizen consumers,” bill sponsor State Representative Phil Miller addressed the crowd. He stood alongside several leading members of the coalition including Tara Cook-Littman, leader of GMO Free CT, Bill Duesing, Executive Director of CTNOFA, Executive Chef Chris Eddy of Winvian Restaurant, and Food & Water Watch’s Executive Director Wenonah Hauter.

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