Saturday, February 9, 2013

Federal officials ignore GMO forum (Mérida, Mexico)

Federal officials ignore GMO forum - The Yucatan Times

Organics are for the rich, GMO’s are for the poor

Jeffrey Smith, an expert on health impacts of genetically modified foods derived from transgenic organisms, has found that humans could become more susceptible to viral infections from consumption of GMO’s, including influenza and hepatitis, among many other health risks. The study showed that the transgenic MON810 and NK603 maize from Monsanto, have these viral components, and caused cancer in rats.

On January 23, the European Commission announced its decision to freeze processes that would approve GM crops in the European Union until the end of 2014.

Scientists in Europe confirmed the negative impacts of GMO’s on human health; they found that GM corn causes cancer in rats. Another scientific study by Podevin N. and Du Jardin, P. proved that most GM crops approved in the United States contains a virus that was not recognized during the crops first approval, the virus has negative effects on plants, animals and humans. This study was presented to the European Agency for Food Safety (EFSA).

The Mexican Government plans to authorize the planting of millions of hectares of transgenic corn.

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