Tuesday, February 12, 2013

FrankenM&Ms! Forget Chocolate, I Want A Whole GMO Valentine's Day Meal

FrankenM&Ms! Forget Chocolate, I Want A Whole GMO Valentine's Day Meal

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Bonny Bonobo alias Brat
I think this anti-GMO thing is turning into a real mental disorder. I just read something where they said you can't get rid of calories from gmo foods by exercising.
And I just read your link to an article you have written about GMOs called 'The anti-GMO gang that couldn’t label straight' in which you said :-
So, what is it? They can’t keep their motives straight. Do they want a simple label or do they want GMOs banned? Its obvious it’s the latter, but they still can’t keep chanting the it’s just a labelmantra.
The anti-GMO crowd has to get real. They have to stick to one message and not be so weasly in their intentions. The bottom line is they want GMO foods banned because they think they are poison.  They should come clean that they are organic advocates that hate any kind of modern progress in regards to farming. They have to come clean that what they perceive as the dangers of GMOs have never been proven, despite the bogus science they believe.
No, the problem is that people like you and Hank for some bizarre reason, can only seem to think in black and white terms about this GMO topic and are incapable of understanding or seeing that there a many shades of grey, that cover many different perspectives about the many different types of GMOs. You can't just lump together everyone who would like to see a label on GMO foods as being all belonging to the same 'anti-science' crowd who just wants GMOs banned because they think they are poison.
I would like to see GMO food labelling and then I would still like to buy most of the GMO foods on sale. I agree with Hank that genetically modified foods have enormous potential for humanity and for feeding the poor in the World. I just am not yet sure about the long term safety of  Bt GMOs for example, which contain Bacillus thuringiensis (or Bt) bacteria or their cry toxins, in every mouthful of Bt GMO food that we eat, specifically incorporated genetically into the crop to cause intestinal damage to the targeted bugs that also eat these foods, especially because the Bt toxins in the food can't be washed off like the Bt  'organic' sprays can.

As far as I'm aware, there are no respectable, long term (longer than 90 or 120 days) scientific studies generally available yet,  showing  harmless effects of these  Bt GMOs  cry toxins, leptins and roundup tolerant GMOs upon mammals and their guts and especially their internal organs and embryos. Until they are made generally available for the public to read and reassure ourselves that there is nothing to worry about, I personally feel entitled to be able to choose not to eat  GMO foods and without GMO labelling I am obviously unable to make this choice.

The scientific studies that have shown rats getting fatter eating GMOs  were being fed Bt GMO foods, not any of the thousands of other GM foods that don't contain Bt bacteria, cry  toxins, leptin or roundup tolerance genes, that I'm not really worried about.  I will happily eat a drought resistant, apple sized, blue strawberry even covered in GM chocolate for Valentine's day, if it is ever were genetically modified and made publicly available (not just for the Hollywood royalty) but I would still want to see a GMO label on it, even though in that particular case it would obviously be  a GMO :)
Make love not war

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