Sunday, February 17, 2013

GMOs sprout Cherryville debate

Vernon Morning Star - GMOs sprout Cherryville debate

More than a hundred people showed up at the Cherryville Community Hall Tuesday to discuss genetically modified crops.

The event was organized by Carla Vierke, co-founder of Bee SAFE Monashees, a volunteer organization started by Vierke, Jane Emlyn and Huguette Allen.

“Cherryville has a history of taking charge of its environment” said Vierke.

“It’s up to us on whether we let GMO contaminate our crops, or stop it so we can keep control of our seeds and crops.”

Vierke says there is a concern because pollen travels and plants can be cross-pollinated,
“In Germany they passed a law allowing farmers to sue GMO farmers that contaminate their crops. That’s why they don’t grow GMO there,” she said.

“In Canada, it’s the farmer who suffers the contamination who is sued by the corporations.”

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