Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Learn the Triggers: 90% of Cancers Have No Family History | Inspired Bites

Learn the Triggers: 90% of Cancers Have No Family History | Inspired Bites

According to a new report, studies show that when women move to the United States from somewhere like Japan their risk of developing breast cancer increases. Genetics don’t change that quickly, only the environment does.
Breast cancer cost more than $17 billion to treat in the United States last year alone.  That number is four times bigger than the entire FDA budget for the year, and the disease was diagnosed in 227,000 women, killing 40,000.

According to the report, there are about 84,000 chemicals are registered for use in the United States, but comprehensive testing and complete toxicological screening data are available for only 7% of them.  In other words, the testing has not been done.  With that lack of data, the industry producing these synthetic ingredients now used in our food and these synthetic chemicals now found in our everyday lives can claim “no evidence of harm” when in fact, there is no evidence because the toxicological testing has not yet been conducted.
We exercise precaution and study prevention.

The National Institutes of Health spent almost $2.4 billion on almost 3,000 breast cancer projects, but only about 1 out of every 10 of those projects looks into environmental causes, despite the fact that environemtal and non-genetic reasons account for approximately 90% of all cases.

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