Saturday, February 9, 2013

Leslie Stoddard of GMO Free Idaho: Our Goals Educating Idaho

The purpose of our video blogs...

1. We want to raise awareness. We want you to educate every Idahoan. We would love to have you start a group, just like Kathy. We hope you will start a blog and create a we of information. We want to share ideas. We don't have all the answers but we do have good ideas. So the more that we can connect the more we can advance our cause.

2. We want to teach you how to be GMO free and how to find and eat non-gmo food. We share recipes and ways to help you switch to a clean sustainable low pesticide and herbicide and Genetically Modified Foods.

For Thanksgiving we had a non-gmo meal. It really is not that hard.

3. We want to give news updates about what is happening. We hope you will pass them along.

4. We will be breaking down our presentation so you can learn all about the basics of GMOs and help others.

5. We will be interviewing others that are involved... Like the Raine Saunders interview.

We will also be interviewing farmers. We will be touring Idaho Farms, especially the ones that attended our Food Rally. Idaho farms like Purple Sage Farms, Eden Star Farms, Homestead Naturals and Pleasant View Raw Milk to show how clean and sustainable.

6. We hope other states connect with us. We want to with people in Idaho and in other states, like California and their current Ballot Initiative. I would love it they would document how they are going about this process so we will know exactly what to do here in Idaho to pursue our initiative.

We will be holding our presentation this upcoming Thursday in Star Idaho. Our hour long presentation usually takes a little longer because we always get a lot of questions.

We hope you have a great non-GMO holiday season.

Thanks for helping us raise awareness about Genetically Modified Foods, one Idahoan at a time.

Leslie Stoddard, GMO Free Idaho, Co-founder.

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