Monday, February 11, 2013

My Way of Thinking: Comments against GMO and Monsanto are twisted - AgProfessional Magazine - Ag Professional

My Way of Thinking: Comments against GMO and Monsanto are twisted - AgProfessional Magazine - Ag Professional

Two topics spur the most comments on our website time after time—GMOs and Monsanto.
I do nothing to encourage those against genetically modified organisms to visit or comment on our website, but they show up anyway. They complain about my interpretation of their anti-GMO comments, their anti-biotechnology events and their pseudo-science that stretches the truth.

There have to be dedicated anti-GMO people who do nothing but search out articles that promote biotechnology so that they can warn their whole circle of friends—something like a hive’s guard bees who sound the warning.

The anti-GMO crowd is one of the most vocal minority groups in the nation and world from what I’ve seen—as we even receive comments from overseas. Those who agree with my interpretations I know are in the majority but are less driven to comment. It is like everyone realizes debating with the anit-GMO crowd is like trying to smash through a brick wall with a Hot Wheels toy car.

An article I wrote for our website that explained what happened when anti-GMO, anti-biotechnolgy protesters showed up at the appeal of the Organice Seed Growers and Trade Association et all v. Monsanto lawsuit, which was dismissed in district court, spurred quite a few comments.

Article Comment:

February, 11, 2013 at 07:29 PM
We already recognize Monsanto's contribution to the world.

As of 2012, Monsanto is associated with 11 "active" Superfund sites and 20 "archived" sites in the EPA's Superfund sites through pollution and poisoning.

A UK government report showed that 67 chemicals, including Agent Orange derivatives, dioxins and PCBs exclusively made by Monsanto, are leaking from the Brofiscin quarry, near Groesfaen in Wales, an unlined porous quarry that was not authorized to take chemical wastes. It emerged that the groundwater had been polluted since the 1970s

In 2002, the Washington Post carried a front page report on Monsanto's legacy of environmental damage in Anniston, Alabama, related to its legal production of PCBs. Plaintiffs in a lawsuit pending at that time provided documentation showing that the local Monsanto factory knowingly discharged both mercury and PCB-laden waste into local creeks for over 40 years.

NY Times reported Monsanto had dumped 45 tons of PCBs into Snow Creek, a feeder for Choccolocco Creek which supplies much of the area's drinking water and that the company buried millions of pounds of PCB in open-pit landfills located on hillsides above the plant and surrounding neighborhoods.

Monsanto also has admitted to paying bribes to a number of high-ranking officials between 1997 and 2002.

I don't know how you deny the facts, keep up the good cheerleading for one of the most disgusting companies on the planet - it says quite a bit about yourself.

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