Friday, February 22, 2013

Road crews work to remove anti-GMO graffiti

Road crews work to remove anti-GMO graffiti

LIHUE — Kaua‘i residents may have seen a onslaught of anti-GMO symbols spray painted on area roads and signs.

The current rash of handwritten anti-GMO signs, which depict the word GMO in the center of a circle with a slash through it, have stretched across a full traffic lane and popped up in several places, including by the pedestrian crosswalk for Opaeka‘a Falls, on the Kuhio Highway near the entrance to Kaua‘i Beach Resort and on Kaumuali‘i Highway before it splits into Kuhio Highway and Rice Street.

Roads are generally maintained by the county roads division or by state department of transportation.

According to Edmond Renaud, deputy county engineer of the Kaua‘i County Roads Division, an anti-GMO message was spray painted on Ala Kino‘iki Road, also known as the Koloa bypass, last week and a crew painted over it.

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