Thursday, March 7, 2013

ISAAA.ORG Blog: New ISAAA Publication: Biotech sQuizBox (Pro)

ISAAA.ORG Blog: New ISAAA Publication: Biotech sQuizBox

ISAAA's Global Knowledge Center on Crop Biotechnology released a new educational booklet called Biotech sQuizBox during the convention of the Biotechnology Coalition of the Philippines (BCP) at Traders Hotel, Manila on 17-18 May 2012.

Biotech sQuizBox is an accordion-type cartoon publication that aims to inform secondary school students about crop biotechnology. One side of the booklet contains snippets of basic information about the history, development, and benefits of biotech crops. The other side of the booklet challenges the readers to answer exciting quizzes to further understand the subject matter. The activities include DNA extraction exercise, scientist appreciation activity, puzzles, and word problem, which can be done individually or as a group in science classes. 

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