Thursday, March 21, 2013

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Jenny Allen Easley and Leslie Stoddard (R)

I have complete exhaustion. In my past, I would never have thought of going to a debate in front of a room full of people that I know oppose me. The old city of Middleton helped me figure out how to cope with that. ;-)
But, somewhere along the way, I changed and developed a bravery that I never knew existed. Don't get me wrong, I had a few scattered second thoughts here and there, but I went and Leslie went and we did it. And it was awesome.

Here is how I know we are winning, last year or the year before that, big food would NEVER have invited Jenny Easley to come talk about consumer advocacy issues. Last year, they would not have cared that GMO Idaho formed a group or that we wanted labeling. But that was before activists in every state started making so much noise that even here in GMO land have to set aside time to hear us out. They are listening and they are starting to understand that they are going to have to do SOMETHING to deal with us.

The video they played before the debate made my heart smile. The head of the dairy industry spoke about GMO activists with contempt, but the video was a warning that GMO activists were coming back from the loss in California with a vengeance. She warns that we have honed our message and are stronger than ever.

She is right.

Jenny Allen Easley

The above link is the complete audio of our IFT debate that took place today in Sun Valley. Big thanks to Michael Strickland for blogging about the debate LIVE and for recording!

So glad GMO Free Idaho members Eric Brandt, Michael T. Bishop, and John C Caccia were in attendance. And of course, thankful for support from Dr. Don Huber!

We got people talking! There was a little hostility, some red faces in the audience...and I had to LOL a few times! All in all I think we did great and gave everyone something to think about.

Thanks Jenny Allen Easley for preparing all the materials, you ROCKED IT!

Leslie Stoddard 

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