Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WWGF News Interview with Senator Maralyn Chase (D-Shoreline – 32nd District)

Watch the Recording of the WWGF News Google Hangout Session.

On Friday, March 15, 9am (PST) WWGF News Co-Hosts interviewed Senator Maralyn Chase (D-Shoreline – 32nd District) regarding the Washington State "Yes On 522" campaign on GMO food labeling. Question List

Interview Questions with time code
1. 3:26: Can you talk about your political roots? 
2. 5:45: When did you find out about Genetically Modified Foods?
3. 7:30: How has I522 been received around the Capitol?
4. 9:00: Talking about the power of moms
5. 10:48: How do you think Whole Foods stance on GMOs will impact other grocers?
6. 12:35: For those elected officials who don’t support the initiative what have been their objections?
7. 13:29: Market Issue other countries and why they don’t want GE foods.
8. 14:21: How I 522 started.
9. 15:26: About the rice
10. 16:00: About the salmon issue
11. 18:00: Does the Pacific Rim and Europe still oppose GE crops?
12. 19:30: Food costs will they go up or not?
13. 20:30: The Grocery Manufacturer’s Association and the communication between consumers and farmers.
14. 25:45: What is the easiest thing that moms can do to help in this effort to label GMOs?
15. 27:57: Talks about launching the campaign in WA.
16. 29:13: The opposition says that the consumer can simply go out and buy organics.
17. 32:40: Contamination problems, what protections do farmers have?
18. 38:05: Have you considered legislation for a ban on GE crops?
19. 40:00: Let the free market work with labeling.
20. 42:00: Bill in Oregon to ban bans
21. 43:30: About the freedom of market or lack of it.
22. 48:41: Talks about the campaign in WA to get GMOs labeled.
23. 51:00: What would you like to say to all the women out there watching or listening to this hangout?
24. 55:44: Zen Honeycutt update about the Moms Across America March and talked about the Canadian Corn report.
25. 57:14: Rachel on GMO Free Arizona and on the first part of getting the ball rolling in each state.
26. 59:30 Leslie Stoddard an update on Idaho and who we will have on next week: Paul Gregg, Michael Hanson, Jenny Allen Easley

Zen Honneycutt: GMO Corn and NON GMO corn are VASTLY different. Not only because GMO corn is sprayed with Glyphosate which draws out the vital nutrients of any living thing ( and cannot be washed off) , or because it is injected with a continually reproducing pesticide, and Genetically modified, but because NUTRIONALLY it is lacking all across the board in vitamins and minerals.

Senator Marilyn Chase talks about GMOs

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