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Howard Vlieger - MAAM Interview - Smart Health Talk

Smart Health Talk Interview

In this interview Zen Honeycutt, founder of MAAM (Moms Across America March), and mom Kathleen Kelly Hallah talk about what its like having a child stricken with severe allergies. Kathleen's child also had a condition called PANDAS, Pyschological and Neurological Disorder Associated with Strep whereas an underlying undetectable strep infection (by swab) stays in the blood and affects the brain. The child can exhibit erratic and unnatural behavior as well as allergic symptoms. According to Zen, "Getting a diagnosis and knowing what to do can save parents and the child from years of strife, thousands of dollars of necessary tests, hellish hospital bills and maybe even the child from ending up in a psych ward after behavior becomes uncontrollable." Something that can happen.

Lifetime American Farmer Exposes Disturbing Finds on Farms Using GMO Feed and Growing GMO Crops

Howard Vlieger still lives on the farm where he was born. After noticing changes in farm animal health, his investigations lead to disturbing discoveries. Howard and two moms that fought long costly battles for their child's health share stories.


PRLog (Press Release) - Feb. 28, 2013 - Clear farmer evidence that the internal organs of animals fed GMO foods were not normal and visibly different compared to the internal organs of farm animals that were NOT fed any GMO food is one of the many weird and freakish phenomenon that Howard Vlieger found himself witnessing for the first time. Howard is a lifetime American farmer and still lives on the same farm where he was born. Who better to detect a change in the health and behavior of farm animals and crops. He knew what he found was significant and has been sharing his presentation on his findings with groups around the country.

In addition to teaching everyday folks about farming, Howard is teaching farmers about farming. The kind of farming skill where you work with the land and the cycles of nature. Farmers learn how to be self sufficient, save seeds, and produce their own fertilizer so large amounts of expensive supplies don’t have to be shipped in to their farm.

The core of what Howard does in his work with other farms is to, “help heal soil that has been starved, and forced into a dependency of petroleum based chemical fertilizers, genetically modified seeds, and a continuous application of Monsanto Round Up Ready pesticide, herbicides, and a long list of other toxic chemicals in between.”

New pesticides are being approved all the time, and will always be just a “fix” and not a “solution.” Howard Vlieger looks for solutions and ways for farms to be able to function independently of GMOs and not be forced to apply pesticides for seeds to grow.

Many factors hold farmers back from being able to transition away from a dependence on GMOs and pesticides. After years of pesticide application soil is weak. Insects detect the inferior crops and come in groves to eliminate them. All of the microbial defenses nature puts in the soil; large populations of beneficial insects that kill harmful insects, and a strong plant and soil immune system thanks to high soil nutritional bioavailability have been wiped out from toxic pesticide application.

Another big factor that holds farmers back from transitioning away from GMOs is the price and availability of Non GMO seed. Monsanto’s acquisition of the worlds largest farm seed company, Seminis, along with a long list of other seed company acquisitions makes them the biggest seed company owner in the world and gives them the power to control supply, price, and availability of Non GMO seeds.

Howard Vlieger - MAAM Interview - Smart Health Talk

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