Friday, April 12, 2013

Make Better GMOs - Or Else!

In the great debate over genetically modified organisms - GMOs - few institutional nods have been sought so keenly as that of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

A “no” from the influential organization’s food policy committee would strike a blow at Big Gene’s attempt to cow the regulatory system and institutionalize today’s GMO-oriented commodity farming.  A “yes” by the committee would speed Monsanto’s progress and stymie attempts to limit GMO foods.

Given the importance of the subject, one might think that the Academy would bend over backwards to ensure the independence of the group. But, as documented in the New York Times, that is exactly not the case. By the committee’s admission, it has no problem with any member’s connection to Monsanto, be it through funding or by membership in pro-industry councils. 

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Make Better GMOs - Or Else!

Comment:The anti-GMO crowd doesn't want alternatives.

Only if you only consider extremists.  The fact of the matter is that I hate having technology shoved down my throat that I don't need.  I resent being told that I must like something or be considered "anti-science". 

We already know that pesticide and weed resistance will increase as a result of these products.  So, that's inevitable, but it raises the question of what is the primary motivation for these products?  Is it a short term fix, does it actually address a real need?  I'm not interested in science being formulated solely around business models.

Similarly we also have issues being raised about Roundup Ready crops promoting increased use of herbicides that are impacting other species [such as monarch butterfly milkweed plants]. 

Again, I would like to know what the compelling reason is that I must accept this technology if I don't need or want it?

If you want to promote drought-resistance or virus-resistance ... I'm all over it.  There's plenty of places in the world where such technologies will literally be life savers.  However, when all I hear is the agonizing over how California wants to label GMO's, I get a bit suspicious that all this technology will never find its way into the third world, and is simply a marketing ploy to gain acceptance here.

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