Tuesday, May 14, 2013

GMO vs Health vs GMO

My personal journey of health issues involving Genetically Modified Food and Organisms (GMO) began in January of 2000. I had searched for 2 years to find what was wrong with my body, having MRI's, EDG's, Ultra Sounds, Echo Cardiograms, CT's, and blood test after blood test. However, because none of the tests were conclusive to my complaints, my doctor of 12 years determined I was mental, and opted to place me on Anti-Depressants.

One day, while in excruciating pain, a nurse friend of mine called. She'd heard the troubled tone in my voice, and after replying to her as of why, she directed me to a Rhuematologist, who diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia, but could not give me the cause (nor a cure). I learned about GMO via my research of Fibro.

One only needs to read the 1994 FDA release on the GMO Aspartame to note that the symptoms of Aspartame consumption and Fibro are uncanny. Although Monsanto did not personally create Apartame, they did forward to popularity Aspartame after purchasing G.D. Searle in 1985. It isn't ironic to me that the symptoms of Aspartame ingestion and the symptoms of Agent Orange are uncanny as well, as Monsanto created this chemical used in warfare in Vietnam.

Monsanto has quite the extensive history of causing harm to humans, plant life, and animals via the use of chemicals.

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GMO vs Health vs GMO

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