Thursday, May 16, 2013

Questions for GMOs’ New Policy Opponent

Elizabeth Kucinich, a vegan and vocal opponent of #GMOS , joins the Center for Food Safety. Interview:

TakePart: Tell us about your new job with the Center for Food safety? Why did you take it? What do you hope to accomplish there?

Elizabeth Kucinich: I’ve been working in the area of food, nutrition and the environment for many years. I’ve worked with lots of groups and lots of incredible people in Washington, D.C., but the group that really stood out head and shoulders above the others was the Center for Food Safety.

There are so many different things happening in D.C. right now with regards to the Farm Bill and appropriation bills, and so many national conversations happening now about GMO labeling and deregulation. I just thought it was time to come on board and lend as much support as I could.

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Questions for GMOs’ New Policy Opponent

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