Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mom's Across America Cross Country Trip Mission Viejo, CA to Washington, DC - Google Maps

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Mission Viegjo, CA to Washington, DC - Google Maps:

Press ReleaseMEDIA ALERT: FOUNDER OF MOMS ACROSS AMERICA HITS THE ROAD TO SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT - The Honeycutt Family Coast-To-Coast Tour To Demand GMO Labeling so Moms Can Make an Informed Choice About What they Feed Their Families

Founder Zen Honeycutt is headed cross country from CA to CT with her family to spread the word about GMOs! Kathleen Hallal is headed from CA to WA to cover more ground. Together we will reach thousands with the help of our sponsors' flyers, samples, books, movies and coupons.

Thanks to the CA State Grange and Label GMOs and sponsors NYR Organic, Dr. Bronners, Nature's Path. Organic Valley, Nutivia, Jeffery M. Smith of Institute of Responsible Technology, Robyn O'Brien author of  "The UnHealthy Truth," and OMG, ohmygreen.con the all NON GMO and Organic online grocery store.

We are meeting up with supporters, Moms clubs, radio and organic farmers and GMOs in America. Stay tuned for regular posts!

Press Release: Moms Across America Appeal to Monsanto by Publishing an Open Letter and Coordinating Nationwide Events on July 4, 2013 Moms Across America are publishing an open letter to Hugh Grant, Monsanto Board Members, and Staff regarding the hazards of GMOs and increased pesticide use.

  • June 22 day and night OC- Las Vegas for lunch - 4 hr dr- there from 11:30-2:00 LV- Zion Virgin Utah, - booked 2 .20 mins (Photo: Nick Brannigan)
  • June 23 day and night Zion to Bryce Canyon Utah-lunch 2 hours  8am Bryce to Mesa Verde 6. 5 hours Mesa Verde  eve stay at Cortez KOA -booked 4 pm Mesa Verde  6pm
  • June 24th day and night Leave Cortez 9-Durango 10:30  Alamosa lunch- hot springs  2hrs 49 min - 1:15 WOOFer at Wahatoya 3:30
  • June 25th day and night Pueblo in the 9 am- 1 hour Lunch Colorado Springs 44 min Stay in Denver winding river resort-booked - 1 hour
  • June 26th am to nigh Denver CO all day
  • June 27 day and night Denver 8am to 12:30 WaKeeny KS 4 .5 hr dr-  lunch, Salina stop- 1:30- 3:30 2 hr dr- stay for 3 hours, Salina to Topeka 3:30-5pm  -KOA-booked 1. 30 hr dr
  • June 28 day and night , Topeka - St Loius 4 hrs- Monsanto- St Louis ( capital and Monsanto) hotel night -booked hotel
  • June 29 day and night, St Louis- Springfield IL  9:30-1.40 min dr  ( capital) lunch 11:30 Springfield- Chicago  3.5 hr dr -in at 3 pm
  • June 30 day and eve Chicago- 
  • July 1 day to eve pack lunch 9 am - 2 pm Chicago to Cleveland 5 hr dr Cleveland run around stop 2 hrs to Pittsburg PA 2 hr dr.- 4-5pm hotel booked
  • July 2 and eve- to Lancaster PA 9 am to 12 3 hours- lunch See Amish country- 3 hrs WOOFER farm 3 pm work 2-3 hrs
  • July 3 day NYC Lancaster to NYC  3 hrs - day lunch time Stay one night?
  • July 4th go to parade by 10 am leave 6 am - to get in 10am  then CT Voluntown eve
CT to DC

DC to Maryland

Maryland to VA

VA to NC

NC to SC

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