Sunday, June 16, 2013

Please Tell the Today Show: Run the Full Interview, Labels Matter | Inspired Bites

Please Tell the Today Show: Run the Full Interview, Labels Matter | Inspired Bites:
The Today Show ran a story this morning on labeling genetically engineered foods.   Makes sense.  In 2012, 6 million voters in California went to the ballot hoping to see these foods labeled.  And so far, in 2013, nearly half of all U.S. states have introduced bills requiring labeling or prohibiting genetically engineered foods.
A registered dietitian with a remarkable client list was interviewed for the show.  She has been a force for good for those trying to find a healthy balance in diet and nutrition.  She emphasizes balance, focusing on progress not perfection.  She is a voice of reason, and I admired her courage speaking out on the topic.
Only this morning, when the story ran, the dialogue had been cut and her call for labeling, too.  The show turned to another registered dietician, someone whose work I also admire, and as I quickly learned from her Twitter account, her call for labeling had been cut from the interview, too.  She wrote  ”The part of my interview that didn’t make the cut was that I am in favor of labeling.”

The producers and editors on the show are extraordinary.  I have appeared on the Today Show.  I understand time constraints as well as the juggling act to keep advertisers and sponsors happy and stay within the legal lines. But this is about transparency, with dietitians working to keep  our country healthy.  And two of our nation’s leading voices on diet and nutrition and the entirety of their messages were not heard.

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