Saturday, July 20, 2013

Genetic Scientist's TED Talk Indicts GMO Agriculture

Genetic Scientist's TED Talk Indicts GMO Agriculture:

Dr. Thierry Vrain spent most of his working life advocating for biotechnology companies, as a soil biologist and genetic engineering enthusiast. In his recent TED talk Vrain systematically unravels the biotech spin, from the perspective of a scientist who can no longer ignore a growing body of evidence that GMOs cause problems. No matter how desperately chemical companies seek to paint critics as anti-science, reality rears its evidence-based head: considering everything we’ve learned since 1996, genetically engineered food crops deserve our best and most enthusiastic skepticism.

Biotech Fairy Tales vs. Reality
When the first GMO crops were introduced in the mid-1990′s, they were marketed (and received) as ‘magic’ — a perfectly safe, practically water-like substance that erased pest problems without changing the quality of the food.
Enter pest resistancepesticide escalation, and superweeds stage right!
Vrain uses the term ‘genetic pollution’ to describe the inevitable contamination of rogue genes, transported from GM fields to the surrounding ecosphere.

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