Saturday, August 24, 2013

(2) Yes on 522 - Facebook Wall Post By Others

(2) Yes on 522:

This is the second post I've seen on the Yes On 522 Facebook wall where an individual was PO with the strong armed tactics of collecting money from supporters.

"Ril'riia Kil'urden
You guys just lost someone very much devoted to this campaign, someone who works with groups like Food and Water Watch, several local campaigns in Maine, and someone who also did a bio class presentation on GMOs and their harm.

But this statement right here just took me off your list. See you do not control what comes into my Inbox. I do. You do not tell me that you're going to hound me for more money (which I don't have to give you anyway). And you will NOT try to blackmail me just so I don't receive half a dozen e-mails begging for donations in a week. I've unsubscribed and listed you as spam.

Enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Sign up for 3 automatic monthly donations of $5.22 and we’ll put you on a special mailing list that doesn’t get so many emails asking for money.

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