Wednesday, August 14, 2013

GMO: What do you know? | Politics Blog | The Bellingham Herald

GMO: What do you know? | Politics Blog | The Bellingham Herald:

Genetically modified organisms. Why should we care?
This question will be pressed upon conscientious voters this fall as they consider Initiative 522. If it passes, it will require labeling of raw agricultural products as "genetically engineered." Processed foods with such ingredients would also be labeled. There are certain exemptions, which opponents criticize as arbitrary. I only post that link for the convenience of its information, not the side it takes. The pro website yeson522.comdoesn't have a similarly easy-to-read chart of exemptions.
In fact, the Yes on I-522 people could have done better elsewhere on its FAQ page. After all, we're talking about some thorny science here when it comes to a debate on whether genetically modified food is any better or worse for you than good old fashioned genetically undisturbed food.
I was looking forward to the answer to one frequently asked question:
"I've heard that there are studies that show there are no effects of genetically engineered foods on humans, then why do we need special GE/GMO labels?"
This is good. Approach the critics' No. 1 position statement head-on, and tell people exactly why to vote yes on I-522.

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