Monday, August 12, 2013

Millions already flowing in battle over food labeling | - Local news

Millions already flowing in battle over food labeling | - Local news:

"Truly grassroots initiative campaigns, launched by ordinary people who are concerned about an issue, can spend less and still win," said Travis Ridout, an associate professor of political science at Washington State University. "But in order to get people to care about something they've never thought about before, it will take several million dollars -- most of that going toward television advertising."
Of late it seems that the more one spends, the better the chance of winning.
"With an initiative campaign, it takes a lot of money to introduce and frame the issues, and so the side with more money has a better chance of winning, though certainly does not always win," he said

Todd Donovan, a political science professor at Western Washington University, said research shows spending in that fashion does affect vote results.
"Some people think it's particularly effective on the 'no' side, because it might be easier to get people to protect a status quo they know than to accept some uncertain change," he said.

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