Tuesday, August 20, 2013



Ben & Jerry’s and the Volunteers for the Yes on 522 Campaign are teaming up this Saturday to Bring Free Ice Cream and Photo Ops to ‘Sand in the City’ goers.

‘Poppy’ is a Fishy Corn Car that ‘swam’ from Washington DC to Seattle with his four fruit and vegetable friends. Their purpose was to bring attention to the need to Label Genetically Engineered Food.

‘Poppy’ is supported by Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps and is being kept at his new “Granny’s” home in Tenino.  His “Grandma” Florence Vincent will be driving him all over the South Sound to bring attention to the issue.  The Fishy Cars website is: 

“I just picked ‘Poppy’ up from Seattle. He is so much fun to drive. People honk and wave, take pictures and wave, and motorbikes drive along side, wave then zoom off.  I had a smile on my face the whole way!”

The Initiative will be on the November ballot.  The Volunteers with the Yes on 522 Campaign know the campaign will be outspent by the No campaign.  The Yes Campaign is funded by over 3500 small donors, dozens of small businesses and associations, while the No Campaign is funded by 4 Chemical Companies and the Grocery Manufacturers Association. 

“I was just in the UK, where food on the grocery shelves needs to be labeled if they include Genetically Engineered Food.  For those who read labels, it makes life so much easier.  The label on the packaging is tiny and it doesn't affect the price of the food at all”.  The UK is one of 64 countries that require labeling. 
“It’s affecting our farmers as those countries won’t accept our exports. That includes major trading partners like China, Japan and Europe.  It would help our farmers if food could be labeled”.

Yes on 522 Campaign (206) 432-9170 www.yeson522.com
Florence Vincent: florencev@fairpoint.net: 360-264-6055: Twitter @FishyCorn  Facebook: Fishy Corn

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