Monday, September 30, 2013

All You Need to Know about GMOs and March Against Monsanto | One Green Planet

All You Need to Know about GMOs and March Against Monsanto | One Green Planet:

If you’re feeling by now that you want to reduce Monsanto’s influence in our food supply in the form of “safe” GMOs, there are movements sweeping the country to help build awareness and garner support for anti-GMO initiatives. One such entity, March Against Monsanto, is set to hold marches across the world in less than two weeks. On Saturday, Oct. 12, people in the estimated “tens of thousands” will march to show support against Monsanto’s initiatives to gain even more control of the global food supply. As of today, marches are planned in 36 countries on six continents, with events in over 250 cities planned. The marches will begin at 11 a.m. Pacific time in 47 states. You can join a march, put up flyers, or just learn more by visiting
If you’re not able to join a march, keep in mind: the first step to any change process is awareness. Read more about the potential effects of GMO foods and decide for yourself. If you decide you’re not okay with feeding yourself and your family this controversial form of “food,” the next step? Buy less processed food. And buy organic. Not just “local,” but organic – it’s your certified best bet to reduce the chance of GMO genes in your food, and it’s the best way to help ensure you and your family are not potentially serving as guinea pigs for the long-term effects of a technology not yet proven to be safe for human consumption.

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