Tuesday, September 17, 2013

'GMO OMG' Director Jeremy Seifert Dives Into Controversy Surrounding Modified Food

'GMO OMG' Director Jeremy Seifert Dives Into Controversy Surrounding Modified Food:

Over the past year, genetically modified organisms have become as pervasive in the public's conscience as they are in American's food.
The latest addition to that conversation, Jeremy Seifert's documentary "GMO OMG," hopes to break down some of the debate that has led to massive protests, fierce labeling initiatives and a blanket ban in most of the European Union.
GMO labeling bills passed in both Maine and Connecticut earlier this year, but California's highly contentious Prop 37 was rejected by voters last November. Washington has a similar initiative on the ballot this year, I-522, and Monsanto recently pumped $4.6 million into the fight against it.
Several reviews have criticized the film as a "plain-folks primer" that lacks hard scientific analysis. But Seifert said the film "is more about awakening and discovery" in a time where we really don't know what the long-term effects of GMO consumption are.

Seifert spoke to The Huffington Post about the inspiration behind the film.
(The following is an edited transcript of the chat.)
What compelled you to make this film? You tell the story of GMOs through your role as a father -- was there a specific meal you were having with your kids that served as a catalyst?
Yeah, I think that's exactly what it was. It wasn't just a meal, it was many meals and it was the ice cream trucks that would park outside of our house every evening and watching my children lap up this stuff ... and feeling that weight on my shoulders that we don't really know what they're eating.

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