Friday, September 6, 2013

Many farm groups unite to oppose I-522 - Blog - September 2013 - Tacoma, WA

Many farm groups unite to oppose I-522 - Blog - September 2013 - Tacoma, WA:

Many farm groups unite to oppose I-522

Sep 6, 2013 - 02:21 PM
More than 30 agricultural groups and growers’ organizations throughout the state, representing thousands of family farmers, today joined in a broad coalition to defeat Initiative 522, which will appear before voters on the November 2013 statewide ballot. They call it a costly, unfair and misleading food labeling measure.
“I-522 would force Washington farmers and food companies to implement costly new labeling, packaging, distribution and recordkeeping requirements that do not exist in any other state,” said Mike LaPlant, president of the Washington State Farm Bureau, which represents nearly 42,000 local farmers, ranchers & member families. “Whether or not they grow genetically engineered foods, all Washington farmers would be impacted by this initiative.”
Under I-522, thousands of common grocery products would have to be specially relabeled in order to be sold in Washington, unless they are remade with higher-priced, specially handled ingredients just for our state. In fact, I-522 would require many common food products to be labeled as “genetically engineered,” even if they contain no detectable level of a GE ingredient.
“Proponents of I-522 are trying to mislead voters about where Washington farmers stand on this misguided initiative,” said Eric Maier, past president and spokesperson for Washington Association of Wheat Growers. “The Washington Association of Wheat Growers is strongly opposed to I-522. (It) would threaten our vital agricultural economy.”
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