Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Out-of-state money floods campaigns for and against GMO labeling | Seattle

Out-of-state money floods campaigns for and against GMO labeling | Seattle:

Most of the money raised by the campaigns for and against Washington state's GMO labeling initiative has come from outside the state, according to a review of campaign donations listed on the Public Disclosure Commission'swebsite.

I-522 would require food and beverage companies to label products that contain genetically modified organisms (GMO). Labeling supporters say GMOs have not been adequately tested to see if they pose a long-term threat to human health or the environment, while opponents say science has shown no health risk from consuming GMOs, thus labeling would be a costly mandate about a nonexistent threat.
The latest campaign finance reports were filed just as a new Elway Poll was released showing the Yes campaign leading among voters, 66 percent to 21 percent.
The Yes on 522 campaign has raised about $3.3 million, according to PDC filings submitted Monday night. The campaign says it has 6,400 individual contributors, with more than 4,000 coming from individual Washington state residents or businesses. The PDC records list only about 2,400 unique donations from Washington sources, but Yes on 522 spokesperson Elizabeth Larter said many donations were for less than $25 and thus aren't always listed on the PDC site.

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