Friday, September 27, 2013

I-522 Grassroots Volunteers: Buttons, Signs, Website

Facts 522:

I-522 Grassroots Volunteer Laura Dean (video) and her sister created "Facts On 522", a gentle informational webstite for the Washington State ballot initiative. The I-522 No Campaign uses "factson552 dot com" to mislead and confuse voters.

This site was funded and designed by two sisters who are Washington residents. Our only objective is to help you make the most informed decision possible. We will not profit if WA I-522 passes or is voted down. We can be reached via email: info at

Today, the first shipment of "Golden Grassroots Yes On 522" buttons arrived and are being distributed throughout the state. If you wear one, please snap a photo and post it on the WWGF News Facebook wall

Yesterday, the Yes on 522 volunteer yard signs arrived. If you see one, please snap a photo and post it on the WWGF News Facebook wall

Post a comment if you want these campaign materials. Stay tuned for Volunteers For I-522 updates.

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