Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Yakima Herald Republic | I-522 — the truth about food

Yakima Herald Republic | I-522 — the truth about food:

To the editor — On Nov. 5, the voters in Washington state will decide whether or not to require food manufacturers to let consumers know if the products they sell contain genetically modified organisms.
As a consumer, voter and citizen of Washington state, I support Initiative 522, a citizens initiative to label GMOs. It’s interesting to look behind the mass mailings and television ads to see that powerful corporations are pouring millions of dollars into the campaign against I-522 to convince us that we would be better off if this initiative doesn’t pass. One of the largest contributors to the campaign against I-522 is the Monsanto Corp. What could a pesticide manufacturer possibly have at stake in this issue? Enormous loss of profit! What do we have at stake? Knowing the truth about the food we eat — don’t we deserve to know?
Please look deeper into the issue to find out the effects of GMOs on health and our environment before you cast your vote.
Suzette Gottschalk

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