Tuesday, October 8, 2013

About This Site | Label GMO Foods – Spokane

About This Site | Label GMO Foods – Spokane:

My name is Ron Cully and I live in Spokane, Washington. I’m not a doctor or a formally trained nutritionist. But I am a reasonably educated person who learned how to read, investigate things, and evaluate arguments. And I’ve held some senior positions at some pretty big companies because of my ability to do so.
In April 2007 I began a journey in my personal health when I opened my mind to consider that what I believed was healthy food might be completely wrong. This shift not only caused me to consider my beliefs regarding what was healthy, but it also caused me to consider my emotions about food (a driving force behind what I eat), and my attitudes about how what I eat affects all aspects of my life.
Taking on a 10 day challenge to focus exclusively on a green vegetable diet and lots of water, I had several remarkable things happen. During the first 7 days, I didn’t feel so great, but I was told I might have this happen while my body detoxified. But by the 10th day I had lost 10 pounds, my acid reflux stopped, my post nasal mucus stopped, my seasonal allergies almost vanished and I felt better. The more success I had, the more I researched to better understand what “healthy food” really is. Ultimately I lost 50 pounds, increased my energy, and stopped getting sick from viruses (minor 36 hour sniffles twice in 6 years, the flu once for 8 hours all coinciding with me falling off my lifestyle for an extended time).

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