Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Are GMO ballot measures just another covert op? « Jon Rappoport's Blog

Are GMO ballot measures just another covert op? « Jon Rappoport's Blog:

The Prop 522 campaign in the state of Washington is going up against the Monsanto slime. It appears the Yes on GMO labeling forces there have split apart.
I pointed out, during the Prop 37 debacle in California, that telling voters they had a right to know what’s in their food isn’t enough. Voters have to understand the health dangers of GMOs.

But that wasn’t what the Yes on 37 bosses decided in CA. They firmly ordered their foot soldiers to stick to the “right to know” issue, first, last, and always.
I had a good inside source, after Prop 37 went down in California, who said the Washington state campaign to label GMOs would be very different.

The anti-GMO forces there would educate voters on the dangers of GMOs. The campaign wouldn’t only be about consumer choice.

So…today I found a USA Today article reporting on the Washington campaign (“Washington State battles over genetically modified food”). It contained a statement from an anti-GMO spokeswoman:

“We believe that we have a right to know what’s in our food,” said Elizabeth Larter, the Seattle-based communications director for the Yes on 522 campaign. “This campaign is not about whether GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are good or bad; this is really just providing more information for consumers.”

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