Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cindy Black - WWGF News Interview Questions

Cindy Black:

Google Hangout: Friday, Oct. 4, 9:30am (PST)


Class of 1991 · Masters · Intervention (counseling) ·Sacramento, California

Video Interviews:

Cindy is a Volunteers for Yes On 522 leader, has worked as a volunteer for the Yes On 522 campaign and Food and Water Watch (January).

Volunteers for I-522 Facebook Group

She has written press releases, organized Howard Vlieger and Pamm Larry's speaking tours, the driver of the Fishy Car "Goldie" (Apple), speaker, she does tabling, honk and waves, weekly conference call moderator, yard sign distributor for the state, debater (No on 522),  force of nature.



Who are some of your role models?
Who are some of the volunteers you are working with and what do they do?


What is your I-522 elevator pitch?
What do you have planned over the next 30 days?
What do you enjoy about working with the volunteers? campaign?
What drives you?
What advice do you have for people that want to volunteer?
What was it like driving around with Pamm Larry in the Fishy Car?


Where can people get I-522 materials?
Where will you be this weekend?


When did you get involved with the campaign? I-522 volunteers? Food and Water Watch?


Why is I-522 so important to you?


How much time have you put into I-522 efforts?
How are you sleeping?

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