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US food group faces legal trouble in...:

US food group faces legal trouble in fight over GMO labeling

Reuters - ‎8 hours ago‎
The Yes on 522 campaign, which is pushing for labeling of GMO foods, repeated allegations that the food and biotech seed industry is trying to unfairly "buy" the election. "It is clear that the GMA ... broke the law. Not once but multiple times now," said Delana ...

Vote on Labeling Modified Food Spurs Costly Battle in Washington State

New York Times - ‎12 hours ago‎
Supporters, however, have their own economic heft, notably the support of Whole Foods, which has been working closely with the staff of the Yes on 522 campaign group, and the organic farming industry, which would be exempt from the measure. Modifying ...

AG: More violations in No on 522 money

Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog) - ‎14 hours ago‎
The Yes on 522 campaign has raised a respectable $6.8 million campaign war chest from more than 14,000 contributors. But it is being outspent more than three-to-one. Elizabeth Larter ofYes on 522 noted the GMA's just-filed list of small contributors.

Outsiders taking initiative on food labeling in Washington state

Los Angeles Times - ‎12 hours ago‎
The fact that out-of-state money is fueling the I-522 campaign on both sides does not surprise Matt Barreto, associate professor of political science at the University of Washington. What he finds most ..."Even on the 'yes' side … 75% is coming from outside," Barreto said. "If the people of Washington state want these initiatives, why are we letting the ad and influence campaign to come almost single-handedly from outside the state? Would we want others from outside the state to vote?" And there is no question that the ...

Attorney General Bob Ferguson says concealment by No on 522's biggest donor ...

The Olympian - ‎14 hours ago‎
With more than $6.1 million raised by various labeling pro-labeling PACs including Yes on 522 advocates, the total raised by both sides is getting close to the record of $32.47 million spent on all sides two years ago in the liquor privatization fight. The Yes on ...

RPT-Food giants pour millions into defeating Washington GMO label measure

Reuters - ‎Oct 30, 2013‎
"They are making this the most expensive race and are desperately adding last-minute money to try and buy this election," said Liz Larter, spokeswoman for "Yes on 522" campaign, a reference to the ballot measure's number. State Attorney General Bob ...

Initiative 522 draws millions in out-of-state funding, but what do locals think?

Blaine Northern Light - ‎15 hours ago‎
Arguments For. The idea that consumers should have a choice when it comes to their food is the main argument for I-522, said Elizabeth Larter, spokesperson for the Yes to I-522 campaign. “This is not about judging GMOs one way or the other,” Larter said.

Foes of food-labeling Initiative 522 set funding record

The Seattle Times - ‎Oct 28, 2013‎
Meantime, the Yes on I-522 Committee has raised $6.3 million so far, including $1.7 million from a California-based organic soap maker, Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, as well as funding from organic retail groups and thousands of small individual donations.

Big Corps Pile In With Money Before Key GMO Labeling Vote - ‎15 hours ago‎
"They are making this the most expensive race and are desperately adding last-minute money to try and buy this election," Liz Larter, spokeswoman for the "Yes on 522" campaign, told Reuters. Washington State Attorney General filed a lawsuit this month ...

Vote yes on I-522

Yakima Herald-Republic - ‎3 hours ago‎
To the editor — I am not a science project. Our children should not be guinea pigs. Do you agree? I am very careful about what I eat. My health is important to me. In Washington state, I do not get to choose whether I want to eat a genetically modified food or ...

Monsanto and Pepsi trying to stop GMO labeling law in Washington State

RT (blog) - ‎3 hours ago‎
"They are making this the most expensive race and are desperately adding last-minute money to try and buy this election," Liz Larter, spokeswoman for the "Yes on 522" campaign, told Reuters. Regardless of the reason, the race has certainly tightened.

'No on I-522' has drawn little money from individuals - ‎Oct 29, 2013‎
... opposition locally, where's the local money? Elizabeth Larter is with Yes on I-522. "The people are on the side of the 'Yes' campaign. It's just 5 out-of-state companies and a DC-based lobbying firm that are on the 'No' side," said Elizabeth Larter/Yes on I-522

Monsanto antes up $540000 more to fight I-522

Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog) - ‎Oct 29, 2013‎
California has nearly five times the population of Washington, yet the No on 522 war chest is approaching half of what was spent in the Golden State last year. The Yes on 522 campaign has raised about $6.8 million. When he sued the Grocery Manufacturers ...

No on 522 breaks fundraising record for Washington initiative campaigns

The Seattle Times (blog) - ‎Oct 28, 2013‎
Meantime, the Yes on I-522 Committee has raised $6.3 million, including $1.7 million from California-based organic soapmaker, Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, as well as thousands of individual donations. When combining totals for both campaigns, the $27.7 ...

GMO labeling campaigns get expensive as poll shows tight race

KIRO Seattle - ‎Oct 29, 2013‎
They stand to gain by everyone getting more information about our groceries," said Elizabeth Larter, the communications director for Yes on 522. The largest in-state donation to No on 522 is $250 from a grower and packer in Othello, Wash. Of the millions ...

No on 522 has raised more money than any other initiative campaign in ...

Pacific Northwest Inlander (blog) - ‎12 hours ago‎
The Yes on 522 campaign, meanwhile, has raised about a quarter of its opponent's war chest — $6.3 million. Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps is still the campaign's biggest contributor, having poured $1.7 million into the effort. The Yes camp's latest big-ticket ...

US food giants defy GMO labeling law in Washington

The Voice of Russia - ‎6 hours ago‎
Liz Larter, spokeswoman for the Yes on 522 campaign has accused GMA of desperately adding last-minute cash to try and buy the election. A similar initiative in California in 2012 was defeated by a vote of 51.4 percent against to 48.6 percent in favor.

Why big companies are spending $21 million to beat I-522

Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog) - ‎Oct 28, 2013‎
The “No” or “Yes” side has a single public spokesperson, almost always a woman. Executives from the big givers — e.g. Monsanto, DuPont Pioneer, and Nestle on Initiative 522 — are never heard from. The Grocery Manufacturers Association has spoken ...

The fight over I-522: Do we really need GMO food labels? - ‎Oct 28, 2013‎
Even though the artificial vanilla is molecularly identical to the natural vanilla, we have a right to know it's artificial," says David Bronner, a leading donor to the Yes on 522 campaign. Bronner is the CEO of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, a popular maker of all ...

GMO food fight brings in big bucks in Washington state

Al Jazeera America - ‎Oct 28, 2013‎
Cindy Black, right, and Jill Hill in Tacoma, Wash., Oct. 17, in a car with a giant apple on top to promote voting yes on I-522, which would require genetically engineered foods to be labeled as such in the state. AP Photo/Ted S. Warren. A bitter fight in ...

The 'right to know' isn't strong enough in I-522 debate

The Seattle Times (blog) - ‎Oct 29, 2013‎
If there was anything important for us to know don't you think they would be using that as the reason you should vote yes? If the only thing they can come up with is “you have the right to know” then they must have a very weak case. My suspicion is that this is ...

GMO labels scary or simple? Sides differ

The Olympian - ‎Oct 27, 2013‎
Both sides are running ads touting their claims in what is shaping up as the one of the most expensive initiative campaigns in state history — with more than $21.4 million collected by the No on 522 committee and more than $6 million by Yes on 522.

Food Companies and Monsanto Spend Millions to Defeat Washington GMO ...

Truth-Out - ‎20 hours ago‎
The Yes on 522 campaign received large chunks of its funding from natural products companies, organics firms and alternative health companies. The state attorney general's office said it would no longer seek an injunction to force the Grocery Manufacturers ...

The Fate of I-522, Washington State's GM Food Labeling Law

BlueOregon - ‎16 hours ago‎
“We believe that consumers should be able to buy the things that they want,” says Elizabeth Larter, the Communications Director for Yes on I-522, a broad-based coalition of Washington State public health, conservation, and labor interest groups seeking to ...

Astroturf Tramples Grassroots in Washington State GMO Labeling Battle

PR Watch - ‎Oct 27, 2013‎
The $6.3 million raised by Yes on 522 came from 7,075 individual donations. About 97 percent of these contributions were under $1,000, and even the donations above $1,000 came from a broad donor base of 150 different organizations, farms, cooperatives, ...

Costly GMO labeling unneeded

Longview Daily News - ‎Oct 30, 2013‎
Prop 37 was a loser in California, but the loss was close enough to divert supporters' attention to Washington, where more money has been spent on I-522 than on any other ballot initiative in state history. As of mid-October, more than $26 million had been committed to ... Organic food producers and sellers are lining up on the “yes” side with national grocery chains, seed manufacturers and farmers groups -- including the Washington Farm Bureau -- in opposition. We're also in the “no” camp, for a number of reasons:.

It's time to stop Monsanto

Food Consumer - ‎11 hours ago‎
The Yes on 522 campaign has a nifty phone banking system that makes it super easy for you to dive in and help. Get involved in I-522, and sign up to volunteer, here. Safe eating comes from INFORMED eating, The Small But Mighty IRT - Food Policy Fund ...

Monsanto spends $5 million to fight GMO labeling

Concord Monitor - ‎Oct 27, 2013‎
If voters approve Initiative 522, Washington would be the first to require labels. While Connecticut and Maine have passed labeling laws, they won't take effect until more states do likewise. PCC, whose nine stores make it the largest consumer-owned natural ...

Grocers set cash against labeling

The Columbian - ‎Oct 26, 2013‎
A car promoting a "yes" vote on I-522 in Washington state, which would require genetically engineered foods to be labeled as such, is parked Thursday, Oct. 17, 2013 in Tacoma, Wash. With weeks to go before the November election, campaigns on both sides ...

Big Brands (Secretly) Spending Big Bucks to Stop GMO Labeling - ‎19 hours ago‎
... of money ever concealed in an election,” reports PR Watch. “We are in America. We have a right to know what we want to know about our food,” Dr. Bronner, a Harvard scientist that donated $1.7 million to the “Yes on 522″ campaign, told PRNewser.

Room for debate: Yes to I-522 means no to agribusiness villains

Dailyuw - ‎Oct 28, 2013‎
It's rather unfortunate that the way we consume one of our most immediate and necessary commodities is so convoluted. We all eat food, but don't really know much more about it than the taste. Whether originating from giant agribusiness corporations, the ...

Our ballot

Mercer Island Reporter - ‎19 hours ago‎
Nevertheless, I-522 would mandate new labels for thousands of products while at the same time allowing thousands of other GMO foods to remain unlabeled. Supermarkets would be required ... Yes on King County Charter Amendment No. 1: establish public ...

Grocery Manufacturers put in $3.78M more to defeat I-522's labels on GMO foods - ‎Oct 26, 2013‎
Backers of I-522 include organic food and consumer groups that have raised more than $6.1 million for the Yes on 522 committee, which is one of several PACs that has raised money on the proponents' side. The single biggest company giving to either side ...

Room for debate: There's no right way to vote on I-522, because I-522 is an illusion

Dailyuw - ‎Oct 28, 2013‎
I wish there were a way that I could vote “incorrect” on I-522 instead of “yes” or “no.” I despise being lied to, and in the case of GMO labeling, both sides are telling some very tall tales. The initiative is a proxy war between modern factory farming and natural ...

"Liptaick With Matching Shoes"versus anti-GMO lobby.

News24 - ‎Oct 28, 2013‎
"is ( yes a small i this is not a typo) GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOOD THE monster ( in red italic) we think it is?" This was followed by what the magazine decided we should all think about this subject, so you don't have to think for yourself at all, because they ...

You can decide

The Spokesman Review - ‎Oct 26, 2013‎
Besides, there aren't a lot of scientific studies yet, and they have different findings depending on the study and how long the rats ate genetically engineered foods. Vote to give us the right to know, Yes on I-522. Let's not wait for conclusive studies like we did ...

Vote yes on I-522 for GMO labeling

Moscow-Pullman Daily News - ‎Oct 30, 2013‎
Editor's note: The following His View column is running earlier than usual as it deals with an initiative on Tuesday's Washington state ballot. It's election time again, and if there's any issue I feel truly passionate about, it's Initiative 522 - the Genetically Modified ...

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