Sunday, October 13, 2013

Santa Rosa marchers urge GMO labeling | The Press Democrat

Santa Rosa marchers urge GMO labeling | The Press Democrat:

The local march, the second such event this year, was sponsored Sonoma County Label GMOs and Occupy Sonoma County GMO Campaign.
The demonstrators, led by the 10-piece Hubbub Club marching band, passed beneath a dozen seniors watching from balconies at the multi-story Bethlehem Towers apartments on Tupper Street, strode before Rosie the Trolley as it stopped by the Santa Rosa Library and waved to diners seated outside at restaurants and taverns along Fourth Street.
Washington’s Initiative 522 is the latest high-stakes effort in the GMO fight, drawing huge contributions of money and effort from around the nation.
The Seattle Post Intelligence reported last week that about 72 percent of the $4.7 million donated in support of the initiative has come from out of state.
Meanwhile, five corporations and a food manufacturers’ trade group have been the biggest backers in raising $17.2 million to defeat the initiative, the newspaper reported. Of those groups, Monsanto, the St. Louis-based biochemical giant, has donated $4.8 million.

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