Thursday, October 31, 2013

Yes on 522: Halloween Donation Request

Yes on 522: The campaign to label genetically engineered foods in Washington state:

If you were Monsanto what would be your Halloween costume? A Corporate Crone? Maybe a Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire? What about a Frankenfish?
They’re really taking it too far. They just cut another $500,000 check to fund the dirty ads their campaign is running.
We have until midnight to raise just $4,843 more into our Rapid Response Fund. Click here to throw $5.22 into the bucket so we can hit our goal.
Let’s make sure voters know Monsanto and the No side are full of tricks, not treats.
You know the truth: the No side is using millions in out-of-state corporate cash to try to trick voters. Let’s finish beating this goal, get out the vote, and win on November 5th. Click here to donate $5.22.
Lennon Bronsema
Finance Director
Yes on 522

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