Wednesday, November 27, 2013

KBTC Public Television - I-522

KBTC Public Television - I-522:

October 25, 2013

Voters will be asked to decide whether the food they purchase should carry a label if it was manufactured with genetically modified ingredients. The battle over I-522 is the most expensive in this election cycle and broke the record set by the battle over privatizing the state's liquor market. Northwest Now host Tom Layson travels to Sumner and Carnation to speak with two food producers on opposite sides of the issue. The program's studio segment will features a discussion between advocates on both sides, and the chair of the biology department at the University of Washington who has taken a careful look at the science behind GMOs.


Robert Blue, President Shining Ocean (GMO product died due to lack of demand. We would cut down a lot more trees tracking GMOs)
Andrew Stout, Founder Full Circle Farm (People demand to have full transparency in their food.)

Luke Esser, Yes On 522
Dana Bieber, No On 522
Toby Bradshaw, Chair UW Dept. of Biology (GMO technology is a tool in the improvement of crops. GMO foods have been studied more than any other food in our history. We don't have long term health studies on GMO foods largely because the companies that produce them don't make those materials available for research. But, we don't have long term studies of foods produced by other methods, either. Personally, I'm not concerned about the safety of GMO foods on the market at all. They have been extensively reviewed. ) (10:33)
Host: Tom Layson Reads editorials from newspapers.


Yes on I-522 campaign
No on I-522 campaign
Washington State Academy of Sciences report on I-522
Public Disclosure Commission
Forbes Magazine
New York Times GMO resource page

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