Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lessons Learned: Nancy Botta

Yes On 522: Lessons Learned

  • Got off message by always trying to prove GMO's harmful. It was not our place to do that. They've got scientists, medical personnel and moms and so do we. Arguing back and forth just took up valuable time. It should have been about LABELING
  • Websites are not where it's at. FaceBook is. Activists need to join the FB world. Listservs or email for private conversations, FB for the public.
  • Teach people how to use FB effectively. It's no good just "liking" posts but you need to "share" and ask your friends to share.
  • Contributors trying to send info to email addresses get messages asking you to fill out a form  or responses like "who are you?"
  • Take the gloves off.
  • The person who has campaign materials, bumper stickers, signs, etc. has to be  more "available." 
  • Be more on top of what's being said on FaceBook and be ready to jump in and counter. Ex. KCTS's page got way more public scrutiny than an email or a phone call to the station. If you comment on a corporation's FB page hundreds see that comment.

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