Friday, November 29, 2013

Next Meal: Engineering Food | Cast Of Charterers

Next Meal: Engineering Food
Cast Of Charterers

Work in progress:
How much air time the experts get on Next Meal: Engineering Food?

Belinda Martineau Molecular Geneticist (GMO Skeptic)
Eduardo Bluwald, Molecular Biologist University of California, Davis (GMO Supporter)
Peggy Lemauz, Plant Biologist University of California, Berkeley (GMO Supporter)

Albert Straus Organic Creamery (GMO Skeptic)
Philip Bowles, Alfalfa Grower Bowles Farming Co. (GMO Supporter)

Tarah Locke, Mother of Two, GMO Free Santa Cruz (GMO Skeptic) Air Time: .08 seconds (Tarah was interviewed by Gabriela Quirós for "over an hour")
Hugh Grant CEO, Monsanto Co (GMO Supporter) Air Time: .07 seconds (4:30) .06 (21:13) Total: .13 seconds

Simran Sethi, Quest Host
Gabriela Quirós, KQED Producer

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