Friday, November 15, 2013

The "Yes on 522" campaign to label GMOs concedes FB Comments

(8) Yes on 522 - Timeline Photos:

Vinay Kulkarni Thank you for organizing this and running such a clean and fact-based campaign. I hope my vote got counted, but these results won't stop me from voting with my wallet every single day, and continuing to raise awareness.

Judith Broadhurst You got closer than we did in California, and every time that happens somewhere, it helps all of us everywhere. You did a GREAT job, too. Thank you.

Daniel Rios "THANK YOU" Yes on 522 for leading us in this struggle... We must continue to move forward and work towards achieving truth and transparency.
With all that we have accomplished it is safe to say our voices have been heard around the nation and around the world...
It does not stop here... we must continue to work towards labeling in every city, county and state... we are still in this battle and together we will be victorious!!!
We have a we have a "right to know"

Patricia Bergren After all the money they poured into the fight, they only won by 2%? I am so proud of all of you, I fought with everything I had. I don't take this as a loss, I take it as a gain to win next time. Damn close! Good job everyone! Let's keep knocking this apart and work towards the next time.. They did not win really. They now are on an uphill battle since we know more, will shop with knowledge, and kick them to the curb next time! Good job fellow Washitonians...Heck I don't know how to shorten that one

Susan Lorraine Even though this did not pass (this time), I think this campaign brought a new awareness of Monsanto and GMOs to thousands of people. I know many are deceived in thinking GMOs and the pesticides that are used are harmless, but in time, that will all change. This was huge first step to awareness. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. We will eventually succeed. It's like everything else, baby steps.

Evan Jacobson Next time fight fire with fire. Use some of their dirty tactics against them:
*Strongly reinforce that it won't cost the consumer anything; _this_ was the most damaging weapon the NO campaign had
*Scare tactics - Make people scared and grossed out by GMOs. Tell them all the possible harm it could be doing them.
*Important looking people with important sounding titles imploring people to vote for labeling. Celebrities people have actually heard of would be even better.
*Demonize the corporations and the out of state money that are financing the NO campaigns. Let people know what Monsanto is and why they were voted the most evil corporation
*Stronger, slicker, adaptive ad campaigns. Maybe some sympathetic pros in Hollywood might donate their time and effort.
*Don't be afraid to bend/break the rules. The NO campaign cheated all the way, got what they wanted, and the worst that will happen to them is they might pay a fine.

Aimee Leidheiser So incredibly disappointed in the people of Washington state right now! I can't believe that it failed, I just can't understand it. I wish people were able to think for themselves and actually make decisions based on facts instead of garbage being fed to you on tv that has been paid for by the companies who stand to lose the most! I definitely will be supporting those companies that supported this initiative! Thank you for all your work and dedication!!

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