Thursday, November 14, 2013

WWGF News Hangout: Maine Rep Diane Russell

(7) Diane Russell:

On Friday, November 14th, at 9:30am (PST), WWGF News host and co-founder of Mom's Across America Katheen Hall will conduct a live Google Hangout with Maine State Representative Diane Russell.



  1. I second the criticism of Elizabeth Warren. Hope others "call her out" publically; she's changed her position since the criticism started but she's not a strong supporter. I don't really understand how a person who defends citizen's "right to know" about what goes into their pockets doesn't care about a citizen's right to know about what goes into our bodies!

  2. what does labeling have to do with farmer's markets shutting down?>

  3. I have written a petition about mandatory research NOW at where WE THE PEOPLE is. I put the petition out on Nov. 14. It needs 100,000 signatures in the next 30 days. Please, please everyone sign the petition! This is going to the US President, House of Representatives, and Senate.

    1. I have gotten sick from GMO products. Bees are disappearing. This is a petition for mandatory research to tell us what GMO's are doing to people, bees, and water. I fear there is a day coming when they find out that GMO foods are literally killing us. Why else would Monsanto fight to keep GMO's off of labels????

  4. will someone please state the link between labeling and closing down local farmers???

  5. I think that pig study has had more scientific debate than positive feedback on that study.

  6. Great talk, thank you Diane Russell and organizers. Useful information and a great budding group. Save the bees!