Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Yes On 522 Campaign 26 Hour Goal - $20,000

Yes on 522
Dear Supporter,
There is a lot of work to do before tomorrow night, but we are so close to winning this thing. There are still thousands of voters who need to get their ballots in and we have hundreds of volunteers making calls and knocking doors reminding them to vote Yes on I-522.
We are in the final sprint before we can declare victory over Monsanto and their corporate cronies.
Our Get Out the Vote Fund is almost full. We are just $5,000 away. Give $5.22 now to help.
From our table to yours,
Delana Jones
Campaign Manager
Yes on 522
P.S. We need the GOTV Program fully funded by tomorrow afternoon, so w’ll be asking for money again in the morning. If you give $5.22 tonight I will take you off that list (I promise).

Yes on 522 | (206) 432-9170 | 2233 1st Ave S, B-102, Seattle, WA 98134

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