Sunday, November 3, 2013

Yes on 522: Phone Banking and Pioneer Square Party

Yes on 522: The campaign to label genetically engineered foods in Washington state:

Yes on 522
Hello Jack
This Tuesday you and your neighbors will be deciding if Washington shoppers have the right to know what we eat and feed our families.
We are up against record-breaking spending coming from Monsanto, the GMA, and a few other out-of-state junk food and chemical companies.
While they have virtually unlimited resources, they do not have the grassroots momentum we do.
In the next two days I have two things I need you to do, if we are going to get labeling passed:
First, phonebank. Click here to sign up for a shift to make calls from home.
Second, celebrate! Our election night party will start at 7pm on Tuesday. So after you finish making calls to a few last-minute voters please join us to celebrate in Pioneer Square. Click here to get all the details.
Thanks, and I’ll see you on election night.
Amanda Reykdal

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