Sunday, December 8, 2013

522 Lessons Learned: Lisa Collins MacLean, Moxie Media

Lisa Collins MacLean:

There were 10 members on the paid "Yes On 522" Staff as well as several consultants.

Lisa Collins Maclean was involved in hiring the senior staff and campaign consultants.

Elizabeth Larter (Sr. PR),Jeremy Zegas (Sr Field Coordinator)Stacy PedersonLennon Bronsema (Dir. Finance),Anita Yandle (Jr. Staffer)Amanda Reykdal (Sr. Staffer, events), Delana Jones (Ex. Dir),  Carin Chase (consultant, grassroots outreach).

Lisa was very proud of the fact only 1% of the Yes on 522 budget was spent on campaign materials: buttons, yard signs, bumper stickers, etc. (The grassroots volunteers scrambled in Oct/Sept. to raise funds and distribute campaign materials.)

A Yes on 522 steering committee member said that "although Moxie Media expertise was political campaign direct mail, they focused on TV ads during the 2013 campaign because of the commission checks."

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