Sunday, December 1, 2013

Michael Getler PBS Ombudsman

QUEST (QUESTScience) on Twitter:


PBS multimedia series exploring the science of sustainability through stories about climate change, energy, food, water, and biodiversity.

As ombudsman, Michael Getler serves as an independent internal critic within PBS. He reviews commentary and criticism from viewers and seeks to ensure that PBS upholds its own standards of editorial integrity.

Michael Getler
PBS Ombudsman
Nov 21,2013
Email Reply

I’ve been very busy lately but did manage to at least find out what you already know: Qwest is an NSF-funded program that is a collaboration of six stations.

PBS says it has nothing to do with this.

As you know, all member stations are independent and can air what they choose and when.

If you would like to send me a message succinctly laying out your challenge to the timing of KCTS’s broadcast, you are welcome to do so and I will forward it to the management there. Perhaps a forwarding message from me will help yield an explanation from them.

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