Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Next Meal: Engineering Food | 522 Volunteers Call To Suppress Broadcast

Next Meal: Engineering Food | QUEST:

Email: October 26, 2013

WA State Public Television KCTS9 has a puff piece on GMOs airing 30th Oct. we need to stop them as it is biased towards GMOs and not right to air just before the vote. 
Explore the science behind genetically engineered crops and what the future holds for research and regulations.

Can MAM and LabelGMOs help us by calling in, or emailing them to stop it? 

Many thanks


Cindy Black
Oct. 26

I just watched the piece, and I agree with Florence that this is an industry produced piece that portrays activists as reactionary and uniformed about what genetic engineering is all about. You can tell that they are paving the way for national labeling and how great this stuff can be for the planet and to gain support for this technology. Definitely not balanced. Yikes!

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